Featured projects

Quilmes project image

In 2013 Quilmes partnered with devartis to develop, launch and maintain the new website for the company's main brand.

The website was a part of a marketing initiative to raise customer interactions and loyalty. After only one month since launch, traffic site increase supported peaks of 500% thanks to the new services provides and the social sharing features.

The site was built with Django and deployed with Amazon services to handle high traffic (S3, Load balancing, MySQL RDS).

We are also in charge of the maintenance of several web applications for different product brands such as Quilmes, Brahma, Cerveza Norte, Cerveza Andes, as well as internal dashboard applications for the company managers.

Sadosky project image

The foundation is an organism that depends on the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología and has the objective of promoting the collaboration between the scientific ecosystem and the productive structure of IT companies.

To do so, they created with devartis' help a contest platform targeted to school students called Dale Aceptar. Using the site as a platform, the contestants can learn how to build games and animations using the programming language Alice.

The site had to handle high traffic periods after the TV spots broadcasted during the live AFA football matches.

Keepcon project image

Since the beginning of devartis, Keepcon has entrusted us the development of several tools that are mounted on a semantic analysis engine and moderation of user-generated content.

devartis has developed for Keepcon not only internal tools to monitor the services they provide to their customers, but also products that broaden the range of offers they provide.

The Keepcon moderations engine handles a volume of 3 million moderated contents a day.

Workana project image

Cross-platform desktop application for time reporting and receiving notifications for one of the biggest freelance companies in Latam.

Allows workers to automatically log time spent on assigned tasks for personal tracking or reporting to customers.

The application had to be a robust cross-platform solution that could be easily maintained. It was implemented using HTML5 technologies using Backbone.js and CoffeeScript over TideSDK we were able to provide a consistent experience among different OS with the same code-base.

Panarea project image

Propietary e-reader engine built fully on HTML5 for interactive books with games and activities.

Built in Backbone.js it provides rich interactive e-Book contents that works directly in desktop and mobile devices browsers. The solution helped Panarea effectively deliver several learning interactive ebooks with the same core platform.