Management team

Claudio Acciaresi
Claudio Acciaresi

He got a degree in Computer Science from UBA, Argentina. After working for large software companies he joined a SV startup where he mastered his RoR skills.

He is now responsible for Ruby and single page Javascript projects. He is in charge of company research and training areas.

Claudio loves to read non-fiction books and playing football.

Fernando Aramendi
Fernando Aramendi

Software Engineer graduated from UTN, Argentina. He has worked on web applications for 10 years from startups to big companies. He now works on in-house product development and pre-sales.

He loves walking to the office and building his own gadgets.

Pablo Sebastian Garcia
Pablo Sebastián García

He is a Software Engineer from UTN, Argentina. Pablo has twelve years of experience in tech consulting and software services, and is a skilled programmer and project manager.

At devartis he is in charge of day-to-day operation and customer development.

When not coding, he enjoys spending time with his family, and brewing his own beer.

German Krauss
Germán Krauss

In 2006 he graduated with honors in Software Engineering from ITBA, Argentina. After a fast paced career managing teams for big software projects he co-founded devartis.

He is a Certified Scrum Master and manages projects that rely on scalability and big data.

As much as coding, Germán enjoys reading Terry Pratchet novels and watching movies.

How we work

methodology graphic

This is your company, your users and everyone that has an interest in the project.


We want to know about you and your plans for the new venture. We'll discuss goals, deadlines and budget. We'll review your notes, ask questions and let you know why we are a good fit. Also we will tell you about availability, rates, and our methodology.


After listening closely to your needs, we carefully design a strategy that'll help you end with amazing product. We'll propose a plan with an appropriate team, timeline and costs. The proposal will include information on the milestones, deliverables, and our past experience on similar projects. We are ready to become partners.

Sprints will start with a prioritized list of tasks and requirements which we'll estimate and assign according to the project's team velocity.


Iterative and time-boxed phases that end with a demo and a retrospective meeting. An experienced team will be applying software best practices to build a robust, decoupled and maintainable system.

Scrum master

Ensures the Scrum process is followed and removed impediments to the team.

Development Team

Cross functional group responsible of building a high-quality solution by delivering shippable increments.


People that have an interest in the current project (sponsors, users, managers)

Product owner

Person responsible of maintaining the product backlog by representing stakeholders' interests.

New potentially shippable version, wireframes, interfaces and documentation. We are anxious to show you our work after each sprint.


Once the product is ready, has passed the most demaing quality tests and stakeholders give their acceptance we'll publish to the web and/or marketplaces. That moment will include a know-how transition on the administrative operation and software architecture. It's time to celebrate!

Maintain & grow

Now it's time to you help you maintain, evolve and scale your continuously growing application. The team we'll continue with the build process as well as monitor live environments and provide timely responses for production needs.


Your business product offered to market.